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April 15, 2021

HAJBA Contact Plan

Since “close contact” as defined by the Livingston County Health Department (LCHD) will be nearly impossible to monitor, HAJBA will send out general announcements only to affected teams when we receive notice of a positive test result within the time windows defined by the LCHD.

“If the COVID-19 positive person had symptoms, the contact time would start 2 days (48 hours) before they developed symptoms. If the person did not have symptoms, the contact time would start 2 days (48 hours) before the date the positive COVID-19 test was taken.”

For more information on how HAJBA is handling COVID-19 cases, we are following the guidance of the Livingston County Health Department through their website.

April 1, 2021 - Return to Play Safety Plan

For the 2021 HAJBA season, the following guidelines apply:   

  • Attendance is voluntary by players and families.  
  • HAJBA will not be held responsible for any health issues. If players, family members, or others in their household are:
    • have shown signs or symptoms
    • have been asked to quarantine due to exposure
    • have knowingly been exposed
    • have been directed to get tested, or are awaiting test results
    • have tested positive
      • Please do not attend HAJBA events. For questions about signs or symptoms, please visit
  • ​​​​​​​If a player, coach or umpires has tested positive after recent close contact , please contact HAJBA at BOARD@HOWELLBASEBALL.ORG so appropriate notifications may be made.
  • HAJBA is inviting ALL families to complete a daily symptom checker before participating in games or practice. Create an account at MI Symptom Check home page - Please use the code 7999-9352 to identify the player or coach as part of HAJBA.
  • As of April 2, MDHHS is requesting all players 13 years of age and older to be tested weekly prior to participation. HAJBA is inviting all parents to find options for testing which meet the needs of their family. HAJBA cannot confirm availability of tests, costs, or insurance charges.
    • The LCHD is also holding a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site through a partnership with LynxDx and the 2|42 Community Center. Contactless saliva testing is offered every Friday and Monday from 8am to 6pm in the parking lot at the back of the community center, located off of Grand River Avenue, west of S. Hacker Road, in Genoa Township.
    • LynnDX is offering no OUT OF POCKET charge for county athletes at the Legacy Center in Brighton. For more information, follow this link - According to the company “In the interim, you all are free to test with us at any of our locations. We can guarantee no out of pocket cost to you, your players, or their families.”
    • HAJBA is working to partner with Ascent Urgent Care as another testing option. Details and costs are still in discussion.
  • Players and coaches should socially distance from others by 6 feet, even while coaching or teaching.
    • This includes any parents or family members that attend outside of the field.
  • Players and coaches closer than 6 feet should wear masks.
  • Teams should expand the dugout space as needed to keep players spaced while batting and between innings.
  • Equipment sharing should be avoided. If a family needs a batting helmet or bat, HAJBA will issue one to a player to use for the season and return at the end of the last game.
    • If equipment must be shared it should be cleaned appropriately and allowed to completely dry before being used by another player.
  • All players are encouraged to use sanitizer throughout events as needed.
  • All participants and fans should not have sunflower seeds or bubble gum.
  • All participants are asked to refrain from spitting.
  • Games will not end with traditional hand-shake lines.
  • All participants and families are asked to clean-up all of their own papers and trash.
  • Coaches, adults and team coordinators are asked to actively work to make sure their team equipment, area, and players are safely following guidelines to reduce risk.
  • Practices and games may be staggered by days and times to eliminate overlapping of players and families.
  • TBall teams will be issued 4 helmets with masks for players in the pitching position. A different player should play the position during the 4 inning game and a coach/parent is asked to clean appropriately and allow it to dry before reuse. If a player has their own helmet with a full face mask, they may use their own.
  • TBall divisions will not have players in the catcher position.
    • Team should have all players in the field with 5 infielders and 5 outfielders.
  • A coach/parent is asked to clean equipment appropriately and allow it to dry before reuse.
  • Users assumes all risks