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July 27, 2020 - Return to Play Safety Plan

To start a 2020 HAJBA season, the following guidelines apply:   

  • Attendance is voluntary by players and families.  

  • HAJBA will not be held responsible for any health issues. If players, family members, or others in their household are:

    • showing signs or symptoms

    • have knowingly been exposed

    • have tested positive

    • have been directed to get tested

   Please do not attend HAJBA events. (

  • All practices and team events MUST follow the current Executive Orders in place.(,9309,7-387-90499_90705---,00.html)

  • Players and coaches should socially distance from others by 6 feet, even while coaching or teaching.

    • This includes any parents or family members that attend outside of the field.

    • Players and coaches closer than 6 feet should wear masks.

  • Teams should expand the dugout space as needed to keep players spaced while batting and between innings.

  • Equipment sharing should be avoided. If a family needs a batting helmet or bat, HAJBA will issue one to a player to use for the season and return at the end of the last game.

    • If equipment must be shared it should be cleaned appropriately and allowed to completely dry before being used by another player.

  • All players should use proper hand-washing or sanitizer regularly throughout the game.

  • Adults and coaches are recommended to wear a mask. Players when not actively playing are recommended to wear a mask.

  • All participants should not have sunflower seeds or bubble gum.

  • All participants are asked to refrain from spitting.

  • Games will not end with traditional hand-shake lines.

  • All participants and families are asked to clean-up all of their own papers and trash.

  • Coaches adults and team coordinators are asked to actively work to make sure their team equipment, area, and players are safely following guidelines to reduce risk..

  • Practices and games may be staggered by days and times to eliminate overlapping of players and families.

  • TBall teams will be issued 4 helmets with masks for players in the pitching position. A different player should play the position during the 4 inning game and a coach/parent is asked to clean appropriately and allow it to dry before reuse. If a player has their own helmet with a full face mask, they may use their own.

  • TBall divisions will play on Bantam Baseball size field.

    • Teams will not have players in the catcher position.

    • Teams should have all players in the field with 5 infielders and 4 outfielders.

  • Bantam teams will not have a player catcher. Umpires will be behind home plate and assist with catching for players and coaches. The player in the pitcher position (While a coach is pitching) will be 6 feet behind the coach, with a helmet (with or without a face mask).

    • Teams may also play with 5 OFs to have ten players in the field at one time.

  • Midget and Minor teams will be issued three catchers masks. Teams are asked to limit to three different catchers during the course of a game. A coach/parent is asked to clean appropriately and allow it to dry before reuse.

  • Users assumes all risks

May 17, 2020 - HAJBA COVID-19 Update

The HAJBA Board is working carefully to move forward and provide a 2020 season for our community. Our goal is to find a way for players to be able to return to the field in 2020, and we will continue to work all opportunities to keep that an option.

At this point, we believe we cannot provide your players with a traditional HAJBA Spring Season. Because of the current challenges, we have voted to delay all activities. We plan to move forward managing a season like our traditional Fall season, with practices beginning in early August and games running through the first week of October. Due to financial and time constraints, we will not have team sponsors, full uniforms (the plan is to still provide shirts at a minimum), standings, trophies, or post-season tournaments.

Please understand, this is our plan as of today. As we have learned since March 11, many changes, most out of our control, have impacted our plans. We expect additional changes are likely.

Since we are not holding a traditional Spring season, your registration will be reduced to the Fall season cost of $80 per player. 

As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, HAJBA does not have any other source of income other than sponsors and player registration. Even with no games on the field, HAJBA has expenses including field maintenance and utilities. If you are willing or able to donate a portion of your refund for 2020 operating expenses, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please follow this link to let us know how to move forward with your player for 2020. 

Thank you for your patience. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy, and we look forward to getting back on the fields.

APRIL 1, 2020 - HAJBA COVID-19 Update

With the ongoing impact of COVID-19 across our community and the nation, the HAJBA board is actively working to monitor the situation and make plans for the season. We understand the impact this has had in our community and are working to do what is best. In order to avoid cancelling the 2020 Spring/Summer season, here is an update on the status of our baseball and softball season.

Due to the recent update from the CDC with the guidance for Social Distancing through April 30, HAJBA will not be able to open the 2020 Spring/Summer season on May 16, as previously planned.

Based on the information we know as of today, the Board has voted to move the HAJBA Spring/Summer season to June through September and cancel the HAJBA Fall Season. We understand this change will impact families, and any family that would like a refund on their registration fees can

The good news is, you don’t have to decide on your baseball and softball plans today! We are asking for refund requests to be submitted no later than May 15. As always, the HAJBA refund policy of 100% (minus processing fees) remains in place until player are placed on a team. If additional changes to the plan occur, families will have time to re-evaluate before we move forward. 

Our currently planned schedule is as follows:

  • Player Evaluations - June 5

  • Teams formed - June 10

  • Practices start - June 12

  • Games start - July 9 through September

Again this is a planned calendar based on what is known today, April 1, 2020. We will continue to monitor changes and update families via email and social media as needed.

Thank you for patience and stay safe!

“This field, this game. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that will be again.” - FIELD OF DREAMS

March 12, 2020 - HAJBA COVID-19 Update

We are tracking and following the status of COVID-19 very closely and we want to be sure we clearly communicate our status. As of today, March 12 at Noon, this is our plan:

  • Player evaluations on March 14 are POSTPONED – future date and plan to be determined
    • Goal to update all families by April 13 (Updated March 23)
  • Team formation meetings on March 18 are POSTPONED - future date to be determined
    • Goal to update all coaches by April 13 (Updated March 23)
  • Photo Day moved May 16
  • Opening Day moved from May 9 to May 16
  • There are no plans to cancel or extend the 2020 HAJBA season

We are working closely with all available resources to make sure we make the best decisions we can for the health and safety all players and families. As we continue to get new information or updates from our partners, continue to watch email and social media for further updates.