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Minor Softball (12-14 Year Old) Frequently Asked Questions

Minor Softball Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age cutoff date and how much is the Registration Fee for the Minor Softball Division?

The age cutoff date is January 1.

What clothing will my child receive as part of the registration fee?

A child registered will receive the following:

  • Softball Visor
  • Softball jersey
  • Softball pants
  • Matching pair of athletic socks

What equipment will be provided by the league for use during games and practices?

The following equipment will be available for use during games and practices:

  • Batting Helmets
  • Bases
  • Softballs
  • Catcher’s safety equipment

Is there any other equipment I should consider purchasing for my child?

Yes. Players should be equipped with an appropriate sized baseball glove. Appropriate sized baseball bat, batting gloves, and a water bottle is recommended, but not required.

What guidelines should I use when determining what size/type bat to buy?

If purchasing a bat, it should be aluminum for use in our league. The weight of a bat can vary. The lighter a bat is, the easier it will be for your child to control the bat and swing it effectively. As a test, have your child hold the bat directly out from their side without bending their elbow. If they can hold it for 30 seconds without having it rise higher or lower, than it’s an appropriate weight.

What guidelines should I use in determining what size baseball glove to purchase for my child?

Players this age should consider gloves in the 11 to 13 inch range. Glove flexibility is most helpful. Young players not able to close their glove well can be frustrating for them. There are a variety of methods to soften or break-in a glove. Your player's hand should fit comfortably into the glove as well. Cost of a baseball glove can very widely based on manufacturer, size, style, and material.

When does the Softball Season Begin and end? And where are games played?

Practices for the season normally begin in early April and the regular season runs through the middle of June. Normally there will be 6-8 practices, and approximately 12-14 regular season games played during this time period. The spring season ends with an in-house tournament and all-star even which wrap up prior to the start of the Michigan Challenge Howell Balloonfest each year. Softball Games and Practices will normally take place at the Howell High School Softball fields in Howell.

Field Maps and Addresses can be found at



How important is it that my child attends practices?

It is very important for your child to arrive at practices on time and attend as many as they can. It is during the practices that the skills needed to become a good ball player and enjoy the games are learned. At this age especially, repetition of specific drills helps to build their confidence and understanding of the game.

Do we keep score?

Yes. Minor game scores and standings are recorded. You can view standings at our website. 

What is the HAJBA In House Tournament?

Minor players get to participate in the end of the season HAJBA In House tournament. Starting about mid-June, teams are seeded based on regular season standings to play in the tournament held at the High School fields. The winner of the tournament and the runner up team both receive trophies and play the championship game at the HHS Softball fields. It’s important to plan summer vacations around this tournament so your child can participate. A shortage of more than 3 players per team leads to a forfeit and can disappoint other teammates looking forward to the tournament. 

How does pitching work in the Minor Softball Division?

The Minor Softball Division is where kids pitch for the entire game. All kids are taught how to pitch in this league. While instruction is given on how to pitch, it’s important that follow up practice happens at home. This practice will strengthen the players arm and give them confidence to throw pitches around the strike zone.

Can I assist the managers and coaches during games and practices?

HAJBA is an all volunteer organization. The league relies heavily on the involvement of parents during games and practices. At this age group, children tend to have a shorter attention span, and often require encouragement/motivation from their parents to keep their heads in the game. From my experience, managers/coaches at this age level welcome the involvement of parents at many different levels. They may ask you to assist with coaching a base, managing the dugout or keeping score. Don’t hesitate to ask the manager/coach to assist them when you’re available to do so. Also understand that there may be situations where the coach has enough helpers for a specific game or practice. But by offering to assist, you are letting the coach know that for future needs, you would be more than willing to help.

If your schedule allows, you should consider managing a team yourself next year. It’s a wonderful experience and allows you to give back to the community in a way that words can’t describe.

Will my child’s games and practices be on the same day each week? And will there be weekend games?

Due to the number of registrants in our programs, your child will not have practices and/or games on the same day each week. At the beginning of the season, you will be provided with a practice/game schedule for your child’s team. We get this posted as soon as we have a good feel for the number of teams we will have for a particular season. Your child may have regularly schedules games or practices on any weekday or Saturday.

If I have a problem with the way that my child is being treated by our manager/coach/teammates, what should I do?

If you have concerns where your child’s role in the team is concerned, your child’s team manager and/or coach should be given the opportunity to hear your concern first. They are the person most likely able to ease your concern and make any changes that may need to be made. Our team managers are all volunteers, and they do their best to make the baseball experience enjoyable and educational as possible for all players. The best time to approach a manager/coach with a concern is after practices and/or prior to games. These times are likely to be the least busy for the manager/coach and will allow them to give you the needed time to listen to your concern. Should your concerns not be adequately addressed to your satisfaction by your manager/coach, you do have the option of contacting the division Commissioner as well.

The commissioner contact info can be found at

Be aware that the commissioner’s first action will be to contact the manager and discuss the situation with them. That’s why it is important that you give your manager an opportunity to hear your concern prior to contacting the division Commissioner. If you believe you need further support, please contact the HAJBA Board (President, Vice President, or Director of Softball)

Contact information for all HAJBA Board is linked here.